Top 10 Run and Tell

I ran 15 miles yesterday. 15. Thanks to a super dedicated husband, I have made it this far. Only a few more months until my first marathon and I am owning this thing. Here are my top 10 lessons learned from running long distance:

1. Morning school traffic is annoying to a runner.

2. Dead animals are way more disgusting up close than in a car.

3. Why is it as soon as the weather cools down people automatically start whipping out their hoodies? For pete’s sake it’s still summer!!!!

4. 15 miles is really far when you are running.

5. Next time you’re driving and you see a runner, wave at them. A friendly hello may just give them what they need to keep going.

6. High school drivers drive way too fast.

7. Yes, the previous point makes me sound old…I guess I am.

8. People throw way more beer cans out the car window than soda cans, why is that?

9. To all dog owners: for the sake of the running community, PLEASE put your dog on a leash outside. If you do, then you will not look ridiculous chasing them down when they see a runner and the runner will not fear for their Achilles tendons.

10. There is nothing more humbling for a runner than stepping on a crack, twisting your ankle, and nearly falling in front of a moving vehicle. I mean, I wouldn’t know from experience, I’m just guessing.

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