Anabelle Quotes

“Hold on Mommy, someone is texting me…”

After I sang her a song that says “crush the enemy” she asked, “What does ‘crush the end of me’ mean?”

To Uncle Tom Tom: “do you know how to throw-up?”

“Penelope is my best friend in my class, she calls me Belle-Belle but sometimes I call her Pe-Pe…Mommy I need to go potty.”

“I need to change my clothes. I have to take my playing clothes off and put my going clothes on because we’re going.”

Grammie: Anabelle, dreams are just in your mind, they aren’t real. There aren’t really bears in your yard. They are just in your imagination, in your head.
Anabelle: There are bears in my head? Are the biting me in there?

What is the funniest thing your child has said lately?


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