“Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?”

Psalm 139:7

 James and I are currently training for a marathon. In order to get my miles in I have been waking up early (not every day) and running before the girls are awake.  Usually, I finish my run, am drenched in sweat, and rush in to the house to cool down, take a shower, and start breakfast. Today however, I took advantage of the uncharacteristically cool weather, and sat outside during my cool down. As I sat on a swing in our front yard I began to pray out-loud.   Tomorrow, college students from over 30 countries will fill our “front yard” (aka a huge field) as School to the Nations along with other area ministries and churches welcome these students to local colleges and introduce them to the “Ozarks.”  As I prayed for the upcoming days and all the plans that go into a large event like International Day, I began to pray for God’s Spirit to pour out on the field. I prayed for the rain of God’s mercy, love, and peace to pour out and that these students would see Him in His creation.  Five seconds later, it was raining! Overwhelmed would be a good word to describe my feeling at that point. Overwhelmed with my Creator. Overwhelmed with His love for me, a dorky stay-at-home mom, love enough to show me He listens by sending rain. Overwhelmed with the thought of over 30 nations gathering in my front yard, all a direct blessing from God.  My God, who sends the rain.

Are you looking for God? Are you waiting to hear from Him, afraid that you are too far from His Spirit? Read Psalm 139. You cannot escape God. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). Even in the darkness, He is Light (Psalm 139:12). To try to find a place away from His Spirit or away from His presence would be a waste of energy. A place like this doesn’t exist because God exists. He is (Exodus 3:14). We can find Him everywhere, In His creation, in His Word, and in His people.  So why does it seem like God is nowhere? We have put Him in the box of church.  Confined Him to appear only on Sundays, or at summer camp, or at a conference, when actually He can be found anywhere at anytime. We must seek Him first. (Matt. 6:33) If you have given your life to follow Christ, your spirit is gone and His Spirit is alive in you. Therefore, He is where you are. He wants you to see him, but we let life cloud our vision. This morning my vision was clear. I saw Him in the rain. Where will you look?

 “Jesus teaches us to pray to our Father in heaven, but we Christians often pray to the God in our room. Our prayer should be offered to the heavenly Father for Him to hear. God wants us to send our prayers to heaven by faith, regardless if our feeling be good or bad, or even if there be no feeling. If you pray to, and expect to be heard by, the God in your room, I am afraid you will receive many strange feelings and miraculous experiences and vision from the God in your room. These are given to you by Satan…”

– Watchman Nee (The Latent Power of the Soul)


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