Man List.

Warning: This is personal. (Now you can’t say you weren’t warned!)

Below is a scanned image. A scanned image that is dear to my heart. A scanned image that is proof that God gives us the desires of our hearts. (When they are the best thing for us)

Four years ago today, I married my best friend. Little did he know when he met me, that I had a Man List. A man list you ask? What is a man list? Ha…see for yourself:

Abi Brock’s Man List:

This little list was created in college. There were many drafts prior to this final copy. My best friend Piper and I created our man list’s one night while she was visiting me in my dorm room. Let’s just say that mine was pretty plain compared to hers. Oh me of little faith! You may notice a few things while looking at this list:

1. Check marks – yes I checked them off. Don’t judge me you probably did it to if you had a man list.
2. Circled numbers – these were the ones that I would NOT compromise on.
3. Squared items – at the time, he didn’t meet EVERYTHING on the list, but he is currently in college and as for the competing part…well…
4. Crossed out item – once I met James I realized that love is blind in regards to body hair…so this one was thrown out.

I wrote this two years before I met James. Crazy huh? For those of you who know James well, you can see that there is no coincidence that we were made for each other. Well at least he was made for me. He never made a “Woman List”…

Happy Anniversary to my man. Four years and two kids later I’m still so stinkin’ in love with you. Speaking of stinkin’…I left something off my list that I think would have been a game changer had I known the capability that the male species has to stink up a room. Dang it.


3 thoughts on “Man List.

  1. You grew up with two brothers and you claim you didn’t know they could stink up a room…hmmmm??? Happy Anniversary – I too had a prayer list for your future mate…James was an answer to those prayers as well! God is SO awesome!!

  2. Love this! When I was packing up my stuff getting ready to move to StL, I found my Man List and sent it to Denny. It made me happy and cry all at the same time. (Like that’s any surprise to you, I’m sure…the crying part about me. haha!) Anyway! Loved your list! I remember curling your hair a “little” on your first date with James. haha. Happy Anniversary to you guys. You have such a lovely family (from the pictures, I’ve seen!) Love ya!

    Lindy Kate

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