Shoulda. Woulda.

I shoulda paid more attention in my Childhood Development class in college.
I woulda been more prepared for this new stage of emotion and independence in my two year old.
I shoulda waited to start the dishwasher today until AFTER naptime.
I woulda had at least 20 more minutes of peace and quiet before my one year old woke up.
I shoulda figured out that two year old’s like to sleep in “caves” a long time ago
I woulda had a lot less bedtime battles throughout the past 3 months.
I shoulda hid the M&M’s from myself.
I woulda not eaten nearly half the bag in a day.
I shoulda reminded my two year old to go to the bathroom.
I woulda had that 10 minutes it took to clean up the mess, back. 
I shoulda bought stock in diapers. 
I woulda been a millionaire by now.
I shoulda gotten up when my alarm went off this morning instead of snoozing it three times. 
I woulda had an extra half hour of quiet before Thing One and Thing Two took over. 
I shoulda visited Meme more before she went Home. 
I woulda been able to live with no regret. 
I shoulda given my wedding photographer a personality test before the wedding day. 
I woulda realized he sold himself well. We were duped. 
I shoulda started this blog when my first child was born. 
I woulda had a better collection of memories. 
I shoulda listened when my parents told me get an education degree. 
I woulda had a more usable degree. Blasted Recreation.

Life is full of “shoulda’s” and “woulda’s”. Our focus is shifted when we are consumed with our failings. Start today. We learn from our mistakes, but we have to let them go after that. God does. He tells us our sin is far as the “east is from the west.”  He isn’t up there saying, “oh Abi, you should have done it that way…” or “are you serious Abi? You did that again?” Instead He says, “I forgive you. I love you. It’s over. You are a new creation in Me. Live that way.”


2 thoughts on “Shoulda. Woulda.

  1. loved your list. It brought back some memories……..And I know that your list will grow by leaps and bounds…………..Love you, Nonna

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