The Chair

While you are reading this I am more than likely in the dreaded chair.

You know the one where they stretch your mouth open as far as it could possible stretch? Then they cram cotton swabs inside your mouth to negate your body’s natural response to produce saliva in your mouth to keep it from getting dried out. After a few minutes an eternity, some person, in my case a complete stranger, comes in and starts digging in your mouth. Not only is he digging, but he’s scratching, rubbing, picking, and feeling all at the same time…in your mouth. You should know where I’m going with this by now…

Yes, I am at the dentist. Ugh. I know it is necessary considering the horrible pain that has been the left side of my mouth for about 3 months now, but I dread the process of being pain free. I know there are worse things. I know that I sound like a baby. But honestly, the inside of my mouth is the inside of MY mouth. Not to mention the akward conversation you have while in the chair. Do they really think you can talk? Try it. Hold your mouth as wide open as you can and try talking. Impossible. Yet without fail, I attempt to answer questions and be “conversational” while stuck with a wide open, DRY mouth. My dentist likes to make jokes while working on my mouth. Really?!? Like I can laugh without moving my lips? Try it. James and I play this game often, laughing without any expression. It’s hilarious. But nearly impossible.

Pray for me. The chair is calling me and I must answer. Drink a glass of water in honor of me. Enjoy your non-dry mouth.


One thought on “The Chair

  1. I agree with your third tag…you are (and have always been) a baby when it comes to the dentist…you are sooo like your father! Ha!

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