Five Generations Blessed.

This summer has been hard on our family. In June we said goodbye to Grandpa Jim Hughes and Sunday evening our dear Grandma Opal went to be with Jesus. She was 97 years old! Not many children have the blessing of meeting a Great Great Grandparent. My girls did. Not only that, but when my girls both were born, they had 12 living grandparents. When Anabelle was born, she was the fifth generation of living Copeland’s. AMAZING : )

Opal Copeland, Lance Copeland, Randy Copeland, James Copeland, and Anabelle Copeland = 5 Generations

I loved my visits with Grandma Opal, all the stories and laughs. She was so active for her age right up until it was time for her to find her spot in Heaven. She loved the Lord and was so faithful to her church home, as much as she could be. She was a prayer warrior, always wanting to know what she could be praying for, and always lifting up the teams that went out on mission.

I am so thankful that my girls bear the name Copeland. The legacy that those that have gone before us have left is something to be proud of. We will miss Grandma Opal but know that she is in a much better place, probably running the place the way she did everything else. First one up to turn the lights on, and last one to leave to turn the lights off. At least that’s how I picture her…

Grandma Opal with Anabelle

Grandma Opal with Mya Lynn


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