This week we were able to enjoy time at home and time with friends, some new and some “old”. On Thursday morning  the girls and I had the pleasure of attending a staff wives’ swimming get together. I failed to take my camera so I did not get any pictures of the event but we had fun! Anabelle is still a little timid in the water but she is starting to gain some confidence each time we swim. It doesn’t help that she has a non-swimming mom. I can’t really encourage her to be brave when I, myself, am a worrier when it comes to anything water related. I am still getting to know the RBC staff wives but am so enjoying the opportunity to build relationships and the way they have welcomed me in. It has made the transition so much easier to have women who care on more than just a surface level.

On Thursday evening we had the chance to reconnect with our friends the Champs. They have two little ones, Isabelle (2) and Isaiah (4 months). Anabelle and Isabelle (the Belles) are about 8 weeks apart in age and play SO well together. It’s so much fun to watch them interact and I can’t wait to see how their friendship remains over the next many years. Heidi and Joel (the parents) are great friends to James and I. We got to know them back in 2007 when we went to Africa together. (Pre-Kids!) It is nice to have a family in the same phase of life as us.

My favorite moment of the night: Isabelle needed to use the restroom so of course Anabelle had to go too. Crazy how early it starts with females needing to go to the bathroom together!! I walk in to check on them and they are both standing there, pants and panties on the ground, talking about who is going first. Isabelle goes first and Anabelle cheers her on…here is a little of the conversation I heard:

Isabelle: “Anabelle, I’m going right now”
Anabelle: “Good Job, then I can go.” 
Isabelle: (red-faced) “Anabelle, I’m going poopie”
Anabelle: “Good job, can I see?” 
Isabelle: (stands up) “Look see it?” 
Anabelle: “Wow, good job! Now it’s my turn…”

Hilarious. One of the moments that I will probably remember for a long time. Maybe when they are seniors in high school I’ll still recall the interaction and share it with them. Ya know, like all good moms do when they want to embarrass their kids? Fun times had by all. So thankful for friends!

love these two : )

Mya is a baller. Isaiah is in awe of his mommy.

Mya and Isaiah. She sits on her friends.

Isabelle and Anabelle. She likes her friends to push her around.





One thought on “Friends.

  1. those pics are great! we had a lot of fun thursday. that convo you wrote down made me laugh until i cried, i guess that potty stuff is just normal to them! also love your comment on mya sitting on isaiah 🙂

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