Happy Birthday Grandmo!

Today is my mother-in-law Mo’s, birthday. I am so blessed to have such an amazing mother-in-law. I hear stories of friends who have rough relationships with their husbands’ mom and am so blessed that I never have to deal with that drama. She is a constant support to us, not only in encouraging us to follow God’s leading on our lives but she is always so flexible in helping with the girls. (What Grandma wouldn’t want to hang out with their granddaughters as much as possible though right??) I feel a little spoiled to have two amazing babysitters live so close, my mom in Mt. Vernon and James’ mom right next door. 

Not only is she an amazing mom and friend, but she is an amazing grandma too. Anabelle and Mya love her and I look forward to the special bond they will have. I cherish the relationships that I was/am able to have with my grandma’s and hope the same for my girls. 

So enjoy some pictures of Grandmo and the girls and if you know her make sure and let her know that you are celebrating her today!! She deserves to be celebrated : ) 

One of my favorites of these two

walking at the zoo

Anabelle's cheesy grin, Grandmo, and baby Mya











Grandmo and newborn Mya Lynn

Grandmo and her girls in Chicago

planting flowers

Anabelle Christelle and Maureen Christelle

most recent picture of Grandmo and Anabelle





















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