Listen to This: Hold onto Hope Love

Confession: I have a bad habit of watching ridiculous television full of drama and immature relationships. I like it. Call me crazy. Tell me that it’s not good for me. I know…

Anyway, I have been watching Army Wives on Netflix and am somewhat caught up in the show. It tends to be my nightly routine to get in bed and watch an episode since James is busy with work/school right now. Otherwise we’d watch something else together because he can’t stand the drama. Army Wives is a more realistic than some others shows that I’ve watched and it has great music. (something that I notice though others might not)

Anyway, on an episode I was watching last week, a song came on that instantly caught my attention because the lyrics said, “hold onto hope love…” I looked it up and found it was a song by Amy Stroup. Turns out she is a christian and although she sings mainstream, she has a faith that is seen in her music. It seems like there are so many people close to me right now looking for hope and just trying to hold on. This song is such an encouragement.

Listen to it and be lifted by the lyrics and the beautiful stringed instruments that play throughout…


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