This week has been pretty…mellow. After an unusually busy weekend, we enjoyed our days at home as much as possible.

Tuesday we didn’t have small group so we had dinner at home then took the girls to the park to burn some energy before bedtime. Anabelle practiced riding her bike and got tired fast!

Anabelle and her bike

...and she's done...riding a bike is hard work!

Wednesday was church night, I started a new Bible study called Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere and am LOVING it. The idea behind the study is to awaken something fierce inside of yourself…so beware. I’m about to get fierce! Below are some pictures of James breaking open a coconut. He was using it for a project for school, I was cracking up at the effort he put into it and the fact that it was 11pm at night and he was outside slamming a coconut on the ground trying to get it open. I love my husband : )

A hammer. A screwdriver. A man. A coconut.

the finished product









Friday was a fun day at home with our usual homemade pizza and we watched Finding Nemo. Great Family night!

On Saturday morning James and I crammed our runs in early so we could meet the Bock’s at the pool for Splash Time. Our girls did not last very long, they LOVED it, but were done pretty quick. Anabelle loves the water but tends to be a little timid when it comes to venturing out into the water. Mya on the other hand would roll around in it if I let her! Here are a few pics from the morning:

big girl standing in the pool : )

no clue what is going on here...

Mya and Liam (he was done swimming!)

Saturday night James and I enjoyed a night out by ourselves (thanks to my parents!) and got to share in celebration with the newlyweds, Adam and Chloe Bolyard. Chloe and I were close friends in college and I was so happy to see her so happy! They were married at the Blackberry Creek Retreat in Rogersville, and I would recommend this place to anyone. It was so pretty! Set in the woods, very rustic, and cozy. Beautiful place for a summer wedding.

beautiful bride with her dad

loved the lights on the dance floor : ) bride and groom

poor attempt at a self-portrait (we should have just asked someone to take one!)

We had a great week and weekend. I really enjoyed the down-time and LOTS of family time to cherish. Here’s to another great week! We are headed to Student Camp at Windermere later this week excited to be a part of our first summer camp with the rbcstudents : )


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