Friday Focus: The Hall Steps Foundation

“You shouldn’t try to be the best in the world, but DO the best for the world.”

Over the past few years, James and I have become runners.  Technically he is more of a runner than I am since he has completed a marathon, BUT this fall, after I complete my first full marathon, I will be a “real” runner too (IF I survive!). We intend to keep running until we’re old and look like this (don’t we look great?). I never thought I would enjoy running as much as I do but it has been a great way to get in shape, lose the baby weight, and relieve stress. Plus, it has been fun doing it as a couple and setting a great example for our kids of how important an active lifestyle is. Anabelle talks often about someday when she runs a marathon with Daddy : )

Ryan Hall is one of the top American long-distance runners. He holds the record for the fastest half-marathon and was a top contender in this years Boston Marathon (4th place). He is legit. We had a chance to meet him at the Chicago Marathon Expo when James ran last year and learned about his organization, The Hall Steps Foundation. The coolest thing about Ryan Hall is that he is a solid, believer in Christ, and is more than just talk. He lives it out. We follow his blog and he often writes about how his relationship with Christ is the most important thing not only in his training but in everything.

The Hall Steps Foundation’s purpose is to, “to empower the running community to use the energy and resources that fuel runners’ athletic achievements for social justice efforts.” Basically they are doing something they love to do and making a difference while doing it. Awesome. Read more about them on their website: The Hall Steps Foundation.

Pretty challenging don’t ya think? What do you love to do? Are you using it to make a difference?


Disclaimer: For those of you who wondered, that is NOT him in the picture linked to “runner” above. Just a funny guy who apparently is a hardcore runner…


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