Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our country’s birthday! Anabelle really caught onto the “spirit” of the holiday and spent most of the weekend waving her little American flag around proudly. Instead of boring you with details I’ll just share some pictures:

Fireworks at Hammons Field

Proud to be an American











She has a need for speed

sisters enjoying the fireworks : )









Our little patriotic family

Enjoyed reconnecting with Andrew, Catie, and Jackson : )









We enjoyed Fireworks at the Field this year as a family. They had great activities for kids including blow up bounce houses, slides, crafts, and balloons. She had a blast! We met up with one of my dear friends from high school, Catie, her husband Andrew and their cutie Jackson. Anabelle and Jackson played so well together. They just moved to Springfield and I’m excited about reconnecting with her after all these years!

On Sunday after church we had lunch with my parents and the girls LOVED seeing Grammie and Poppie again. I decided on Sunday that Anabelle is the WORST picture taker in the world. Getting them all four looking at the same time was impossible. So we have this:

best attempt we got at a group photo...

i love this guy

On Monday we picked up James’ parents from the airport after being in Africa for two and half weeks. We enjoyed some Cracker Barrel (James’ dad’s favorite place), enjoyed some family time at home, and went out to watch the Highland Springs firework show in the evening.

the girls were just a LITTLE exicted!!!!

enjoying a walk on her first 4th of July









Enjoying fireworks with Grandmo

Me and my girls : )










Overall we had a great holiday! I am so thankful for family and friends to share life with and hope that you all had fun and shared memories with your friends and family as well. Now, back to reality…


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