Flying by…

Wow our summer is flying by! I cannot believe it is already July! I feel like I have so many summer projects that I have put off thinking I had more summer to accomplish them but I need to get in gear!!

Here is our week in pictures:

Monday we had the special treat of meeting my Mom (Grammie) and her parents (Nonna and Papa) in Springfield for lunch:

The girls with Nonna, Papa, and Grammie after lunch

Wednesday, after some time at the library, we went to the Ozark park to play and eat lunch. Anabelle had fun but she seems to enjoy the park more when there are other kids to play with. She kind of wandered around as if she was lost without social interaction. My little social butterfly : ) Also I got a great video of the girls swinging together. (click here to watch) Anabelle is singing the “swinging” song and Mya dances throughout… priceless.

Picnic time

the little climber

just chillin'

swinging smiles

Thursday I got the girl dressed up in one of their many 4th of July outfits and we went to Grandma Pat’s for dinner. Here are a few pics of the girls all patriotic:

Patriotic Girls

talking on the phone saying, "eh-woah" aka "hello"

posing with my big girl : )

Friday we had a day at home to relax and enjoy each other. I started off the day with a 5 mile run…in the heat…yes I’m crazy! We played outside, took great naps, and had Pizza (homemade) and Popsicles for dinner !

loving the water (it was too cold for her sister)

playing in the sprinkler

drinking the water

11 months old : )

Homemade Hawaiian Pizza...compliments to the chef (James)


I hope you all had a blessed week…Happy 4th of JULY!!!!


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