our weekend and the “heart” condition

We had a very nice, relaxing weekend. It feels like we haven’t had one of these in quite some time so we enjoyed every bit of it. I’ll start with Thursday…after some swimming in the the yard, we went to dinner with the Bocks. Nate and Kari have been fabulous friends to us in this transition to Ridgecrest. Nate is the Student Pastor at Ridgecrest and so he and James work together. They have two boys, Landon and Liam and our families are becoming great friends. After dinner, we went to the park and then home for baths and bed.

Swimming...Mya would not stay in the pool...Anabelle was quite concerned.

swinging at the park

Friday is James’ day off so I took Anabelle with me for “the big” Walmart trip while James and Mya stayed home. I love having the chance of spending time with one of the girls one-on-one. Anabelle talked almost the ENTIRE time at Walmart and I loved every minute of it. I wonder if people who see us think we’re strange singing and laughing together in the middle of Walmart. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Friday evening James and I had the blessing of helping lead worship at the women’s conference at our church and it was a great night. The speaker was great, music was great, and I enjoyed the evening. We had a few girls from church come out at and stay with the girls and they had a blast.

Saturday is what we call “lazy family day.” We were going to go swimming at the pool but it was rainy so we stayed home, read books, took long naps, and grilled steak for dinner. Overall GREAT day : )

Mya showing off her first pony tail

Sunday was an early day since both James and I were on the worship team. We were at church (with both girls) by 7am! It was a great morning of worship at Ridgecrest. Great music, great message from Nate, and even had a call in from the team in Africa. So great to hear the excitement in Randy’s voice about all that God is doing there right now. After church we went to Grandma Pat’s (James’ grandma) house and spent the rest of the day there. It’s nice living so close to family. Especially in times like these when one of them is hurting. I am so glad we are able to bring the girls over to bring smiles and laughter. As Anabelle tells me, “Mommy, I make people happy…”

I hope your weekend was as refreshing as ours. I was challenged this morning in my time with the Lord the importance of focusing on the condition of my children’s hearts. Nate said it yesterday at church, the most important thing in live is to Love God and Love People. I want so much for my children to grow up knowing that and understanding that. No matter what, whether they behave like angels or not, I am accountable to Him to mold their hearts into hearts that love Him. The most important thing at the end of the day is not what they wore, if their hair looked fabulous, if they behaved in the restaurant, or if we appeared as the perfect family at the mall. The most important thing is their heart condition. Are my girls developing a heart for Christ? A heart for missions? A heart for obeying God? If so, then all the other stuff doesn’t matter. Good days are great, bad days stink, but all in all our kids’ poor behavior does not make us “bad moms.” It shows us even more the need for a change of heart that only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. And that is our calling. Show them Jesus.


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