Friday Focus: 100cameras

“100cameras believes that children should be both heard and defended. Photography is the vehicle that both carries their voice across borders and raises funds to better their communities.”

I discovered this organization in a Relevant Magazine a few months ago and love what they are doing. Not only are they enabling these children to be heard, but they are also raising money that goes directly back to the kids who take the pictures. Here’s how it works:

100cameras identifies communities both locally and abroad that are full of orphans, at-risk children, or children who don’t have access to basic healthcare and education. They partner with organizations already helping in these places, give donated cameras to the children, teach them how to use them, and tell them to take pictures of everyday things. “Their pictures are the voices that speak awareness.” (

Then 100cameras takes the pictures that the kids took, and they sell them online and at photo exhibition events. 100% of the money made from the pictures goes back to the organizations that are helping these children. So far they have successfully finished two projects. (Sudan and NYC)

Check out their website (link above) and learn more about what these people are doing to make a difference in the lives of children who otherwise would never be heard. I challenge you to not just read about it, but DO something about it!  Donate a camera…buy a print…send a donation…whatever it takes.


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