Bedtime Battles

Bedtime has become an event in the Copeland household. We are so blessed to have two girls who LOVE to sleep and are good at it. (I think it comes from having a mom who is a champion sleeper!) Anabelle has always enjoyed going to bed and there was a time when she would tell us that she wanted to go to bed before it was even bedtime!

Both Anabelle and Mya slept through the night very early in life and we’ve never had to rock them, fight them, or endure endless sleepless nights. PRAISE THE LORD!  We know that we are blessed and find no reason to complain…BUT lately it’s the going to bed part that has become a chore. Once they’re asleep the battle is over, but man do they fight to the end. Maybe it’s our fault for having them share a room…

Here is an example of what might occur at bedtime:

Mom and Dad pray, sing, kiss the girls, say goodnight, and walk out the door

 5 minutes go by…noises are heard:

 Anabelle: (stomps feet on the wall)

Mya: “da-da-da-da”

Anabelle: (sings softly)

Mya: “da-da-da-da”

Anabelle: “Mommy! I need a drink…”

Mom walks in hands Anabelle a drink, says goodnight, and leaves.

 Anabelle: (talks to her animals)

Mya: “da-da-da-da” (flings binky across the room)

Anabelle: “Daddy! I need to go potty…”

 Dad walks in takes Anabelle to the bathroom, puts her back in bed, rescues the binky, and leaves.

 Anabelle: (sings softly)

Mya: (suddenly quiet)

Anabelle: (suddenly quiet)

 Hope springs in Mom and Dad’s hearts…are they asleep?

Mya: (laughs)

Anabelle: (laughs)

Both Girls: (laugh)

Mom walks into girls’ room to see Anabelle in Mya’s crib bouncing up and down…

 Do you get my point? We are currently trying to figure out our plan of action when this battle begins and are open to any suggestions from all you pro-parents out there. Feel free to comment and give me some advice. Please. I’m begging. Can’t…take…it…much…longer…


2 thoughts on “Bedtime Battles

  1. I’m so sorry your bedtime routine is not working well any more. If it helps any, we never have trouble with Austin any more. I think it been a few weeks now!
    Wish I had more help. Maybe put Mya to bed first and then Anabelle a few minutes later. I know that doesn’t “look” as good but it might work. It would also give Anabelle a few minutes of her own time with the two of you.
    You’re doing a good job. Just a training time for all of you.

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