Family. Lake. Parties.

This weekend we had so much fun! We spent a lot of time as a family which is always time that we cherish. James leaves on Tuesday for a mission trip in Houston so we enjoyed having time this weekend to enjoy each other before he leaves.

On Wednesday James’ brother Joe came down for a friends’ wedding and we enjoyed getting to see him! He and his wife, Shelby, live in Madison, WI and we don’t get to see them very often. He promised Anabelle that they would come visit this summer again since Aunt Shelby didn’t get to come this time. She really missed seeing her, but enjoyed seeing Uncle “Doe.” He is so much fun!!

Uncle Joe, Anabelle, and Mya

 On Saturday we drove down to the Branson area to relax at the lake and after driving down and paying $4 for beach access, we realized that the water was too high. The beach was underwater! We made the most of it, found a shady spot, and had a nice picnic anyway! James, Anabelle, and Randy (James’ dad aka Papa) were the only ones to actually get in the water. Mya tried it out but soon realized it was a little too chilly for her liking!

Family Picnic

Cute suit : )

James and Anabelle in the water

Tired after a long day at the lake!

 On Sunday we went to church, had lunch at Pasta Express, went to our friend Storri’s first birthday party, stopped by our friend Lesley’s baby shower, and went home hot, hungry, and tired!

The girls at Storri's "Pea" Party

Helping Storri enjoy her first taste of cake!

 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Summer is here : ) We are stocking up on popsicles, fruit, iced tea, and sunblock! Can’t wait for some homemade ice cream and more time with family and friends!


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