This week in pictures…

We had a great week! We played outside, went on a fun nature walk on a trail around our house, and Anabelle and I went with my mom (aka Grammie) to Sight and Sound Theater in Branson on Thursday night to see Noah the Musical! Here are some pictures that highlight our week:

Enjoying the pretty day outside…

Nothing like your daughter on your shoulders...and a pony on your head!

Ready for our nature walk!

"Is anybody home?"

Windblown hair...

Despite the concerned look on her face...Mya LOVES the wagon!!

enjoying some sunshine

enjoying her new slide!

At Sight and Sound Theater before Noah the Musical with Grammie

waiting for the show with her very own Noah

Noah the musical was a great show! Considering we got our tickets for $10 instead of $35 made it even better! Anabelle loved the animals (some were live, some were not). When she saw Noah on stage for the first time she yelled, “LOOK! It’s Noah! Just like in my library book!” She was also very concerned that it was going to rain on her, but I explained that the rain was pretend. She lasted long enough to see all the animals then fell asleep in my lap. We had so much fun with Grammie!


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