Friday Focus: School to the Nations

Every Friday I hope to feature an organization that is making a difference in the world around them. For more info go here and find an easy list of the groups that I have highlighted each week.

Friday Focus – Week One:

Purpose Statement: Penetrating the Final Frontiers by Mobilizing the Next Generation

Directors: Randy and Maureen Copeland


What better organization to highlight for my first Friday Focus than one that hits so close to home…literally! School to the Nations (STN) is the heartbeat of James’ parents, Randy and Mo. For years they have been leading teams overseas taking the name of Jesus to remote places where the Gospel had never been heard. Never have I known someone so passionate about reaching the unreached than my father-in-law, Randy. His heart for taking God’s message into all the world is so evident. For those that know him, his passion is contagious. Over the past many years, partnered with Stonebridge Church, STN has adopted two people groups in Mali, West Africa. The Kagoro people and the Fulanke people. In 2007 I was a part a team that went to Mali and I witnessed the very first baptisms among the Kagoro people, something I will never forget! In the past couple of years they have also baptized the very first Fulanke believers! God is moving in West Africa and is using STN as a catalyst.

Check out this video to see a little about what STN is doing!

How can you get involved?

1. Pray. Nothing happens without prayer. Let me know if you’d like to receive the monthly newsletter which includes current STN news and prayer points.

2. Give. If you’d like to donate to STN let me know. Why not give to something that will impact lives across the world?

3. Go. Randy and Mo are leading a team of college students this summer to Mali and will have more trips in the future. If you are interested in going, or have a team that needs training for an upcoming trip contact them at


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