Listen To This

Music is a huge part of our family. I hope to reserve my Wednesday posts for music I recommend. It was hard to choose who I would write about first so I decided to go with the last thing I listened to…

Steve Green’s CD Hide ‘Em in Your Heart is GREAT for kids. I recommend it for any household with children, infant, toddler, or older. My mother-in-law, Mo, let us borrow her copy that she has had for YEARS and Anabelle won’t stop listening to it. The songs are straight from scripture and for a little girl who has a gift for memorizing songs, these are the kinds of songs that I want her listening to!

Her favorite is “When I Am Afraid.” It’s based off Psalm 56:3-4 which reads: “When I am afraid I put my trust in You, in God, whose word I praise.” She has been singing this song non-stop for the past couple of days and it brings a smile to my face every time. I hope that not just the melody sticks with her but the words penetrate her heart and that as she grows she realizes more and more that her Heavenly Father loves her deeply.

So check out the link below to listen to samples from the songs and purchase the CD. Your kids will love it and what better way to introduce them to the truth from God’s Word?


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