Is this thing on?

I’m here, or at least I think I’m here. Starting a blog has been quite the chore for me, you see I hate starting something and not finishing it. I tend to get really excited about an idea, work really hard on it for a week or two, and then get excited about something else and forget about my original idea. Thus a constant frustration occurs in my mind with myself. “You never stick with a project…” Evidence of this habit can be found all over my house: the scrapbook bag full of pictures from a trip to New Mexico when Anabelle was 10 months old ready to be assembled, numerous books with bookmarks marking my short attention span, and of course the little projects here and there that I put somewhere and can’t remember where I put them.

So here we are, Like A Thread, a new start and hopefully a habit that I can learn to keep. So for now I’ll leave you with the song behind the idea of this blog. The song that James and I danced to on our wedding day, a song dear to my heart, a song that speaks of the truth that our lives are all connected:


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